Want to get an idea of how much need-based aid you may receive? Use our Net Price Calculator.

The amounts shown below are an estimate of the total yearly costs of attending Whitman without taking into account the financial aid students receive.

The vast majority of our students–approximately 78%–receive either merit or need-based aid, making Whitman an affordable option.

Cost of Attendance

Whitman's comprehensive student budget includes tuition, student association fees, standard room (assuming double occupancy) and board and an estimated amount for books and incidental expenses.

Tuition $58,200
ASWC (student association)  $422
Room and Board $14,210
Estimated Books and supplies $1,400
Total $74,232

Many of the fees that students typically incur at other colleges and universities (such as attending concerts, lectures, plays, etc. or doing laundry in residence hall) are covered by Whitman's student government fees and room charges.

Funds for a Computer

If you don't have a laptop, you may request that your budget be increased by up to $1,700, generally in your first year. This may allow you to use outside scholarship money to purchase a computer or to borrow additional funds depending on your eligibility for federal student loans.