Natural sciences are a branch of science concerned with the description, 预测, 以及对自然现象的理解, based on empirical evidence from observation and experimentation. This is important in various components of life for either predicting or understanding certain values in our world.

数学 focuses on understanding mathematical relations and calculations, 在自然科学中哪个是有用的. 但学科是不同的. 不过, the two disciplines complement each other and often support the work and findings in the other field.

Rain Naylor张开双臂站着Rain Naylor ' 22(她/她的)


Hi! My name is Rain and I'm a senior 天文学-物理 major from Seattle Washington. 当我的头不在天上时, you may catch me out playing Frisbee as a part of the Whitman Sweets, 烘焙美味的甜点, or with my nose in some fantasy novel as I walk around campus. I'm always super excited to talk about astronomy, so ask me about anything!

最喜欢的课程或专业: astr330:宇宙学,PHYS 348:光学

专业之外最喜欢的课程: CLAS 130:古代神话

联系人: naylorrc@惠特曼.edu

格蕾丝·金站在外面Grace Kim ' 23(她/她)


I am swimmer that has two wiener dogs and loves science and math. I love BBMB because it gave me the freedom to choose between any STEM class.

最喜欢的课程或专业: 生物化学

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 微分方程

联系人: kimgm@惠特曼.edu



I'm pre-med and a big fan of chemistry and biology and spending time in the lab. 我也喜欢跳舞, 滑雪, spend time with friends and watch movies and TV and drink a nice warm cup of coffee.

最喜欢的课程或专业: 生物化学

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 进化与发展心理学

联系人: anderso@惠特曼.edu

Fadia Chedadeh的肖像Fadia Chehadeh, ' 22(她/她/她的)


大家好! I am a 生物学 major and Psychology minor from Beirut, Lebanon. I was a senator in ASWC during my first year at Whitman and a member of the Finance Committee. I love working out and more specifically doing yoga. So if you ever find yourself in need of a company to the gym, you know exactly who to call. 我很期待见到你!

最喜欢的课程或专业: 生物学原理

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 开始有氧调节

联系人: chehadfm@惠特曼.edu

丽贝卡·约翰斯顿的肖像丽贝卡·约翰斯顿' 22(她/她)


I am a member of the Whitman College volleyball team and Vice President of the Pre-Health Society. I enjoy a good latte, sunsets in the wheat fields with friends, and making Spotify playlists. I am also currently training to make the US Paralympic snowboarding team.

最喜欢的课程或专业: 生理学

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 健康的修辞 & 医学

联系人: johnstrj@惠特曼.edu

Lea Molacek站在湖水前Lea Molacek ' 22(她/她)


I'm originally from Colorado and have been very involved with the outdoor program on campus since freshman year. 我目前也是攀岩馆的经理. I work with a professor doing synthetic organic chemistry research on the synthesis of macrocyclic molecules for enzyme inhibition as an approach for drug therapy.

最喜欢的课程或专业: 有机化学

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 创造性的写诗

联系人: molacelr@惠特曼.edu




最喜欢的课程或专业: 稍后通知

专业之外最喜欢的课程:  稍后通知

联系人: petersl@惠特曼.edu

米卡拉·克劳德的肖像米凯拉·克劳德' 21(她/她/她的)


I really enjoy being able to go out into the field and applying concepts learned in the classroom to the real world. 每一个新的班级, I see connections between geology and its relationships with society through the environmental studies lens, thus getting the full effect of an interdisciplinary education that attracted me to a liberal-arts college. 

最喜欢的课程或专业: 沉积学和地层学

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 宗教与感官

联系人: crowdeme@惠特曼.edu



Hi, my name is Sam and I am a math major from Spokane, Washington. I've known from the time that I was little that I was drawn to math and I used to have my mom print off my older brother's math homework so I could do it with him for fun. Choosing to come to Whitman was not a very adventurous choice for me as my dad, 两个姐姐, 哥哥也都来了. 然而,我很高兴我追随了他们的脚步. I played soccer my entire life but gave it up in college to pursue sports that are a bit more casual and enjoyable to me such as volleyball and disc golf. I'm a big fan of technology which is why I spend a decent amount of free time playing video games and I also work on campus for technology services.

最喜欢的课程或专业: 高等数学概论

专业之外最喜欢的课程: Hispanic Studies: Analyzing the Visual; a course taught in Spanish that involves the analysis of comics and movies.

联系人: fixsb@惠特曼.edu

莱拉·彼得森的肖像莱拉·彼得森22 (shw /她)


Hi! I'm Leila, a senior studying 数学与计算机科学. I came into Whitman unsure of what I wanted to study, but I took Calculus II my first semester and fell in love with the rigorous math we were learning. I was still unsure of how I wanted to apply this knowledge when I took my first computer science course and realized that it scratched the same puzzle-solving side of my brain that math did. 课外活动, I'm an officer in my sorority and spend a lot of time reading, playing video games and hanging out with my roommates.

最喜欢的课程或专业: This is a really hard question, because I have genuinely loved all of the CS courses I've taken. 我得说可能是数据结构, as that was where I first started learning about efficiency and designing optimal algorithms for a given problem, but everything I loved about that class I've been able to continue studying in my higher level courses as well. I'm probably also biased towards it because I worked as a mentor for that course two semesters in a row.

专业之外最喜欢的课程: I took Intro To Fiction sophomore year and eally enjoyed it! I love literature and being able to have discussions about it.

联系人: petersl@惠特曼.edu

詹姆斯·克林曼的肖像James Klinman ' 22(他/他)


I've thought space and physics were cool for a long time, and my time here at Whitman has helped to turn my interest into a passion. The classes have been awesome for growing my appreciation and understanding of 物理 and 天文学, plus I now find myself outside at night stargazing or taking pictures with friends whenever the opportunity arises.

最喜欢的课程或专业: 观测天文学

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 论证基础

联系人: klinmajw@惠特曼.edu