The Social Sciences are a discipline or branch of science that deals with human behavior in its social and cultural aspects. The social sciences include cultural (or social) anthropology, sociology, social psychology, political science, and economics. It's important to study the social sciences because knowledge of the social sciences can help improve our societies. 通过研究这些东西, we are becoming better informed about how societies work and how to hopefully improve them in the future.

林赛·梅里特站在户外Lindsey Merritt ' 22(她/她)


我来自伊利诺斯州一个叫滑铁卢的小镇. I chose Whitman because of its small, tight-knit community and beautiful location. 在校园里,我还是一名德语助理, and I'm involved with sexual violence prevention and advocacy. 我对食物人类学特别感兴趣, and when I have the time I love getting to cook dinner for myself and my housemates!

最喜欢的课程或专业: 语言与文化

专业之外最喜欢的课程: The Art of India


阿什利·乔的肖像阿什利乔' 22(她/她/她的)


Hello! I am a senior studying Economics and Sociology from Orange County, California. Besides classes, I swim on the varsity team and work for the Whitman College Consulting Corps. I'm happy to chat about the Econ department, internships and business careers post-grad!

最喜欢的课程或专业: Corporate Finance

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 《狗万官网》


Alexa户外朝圣者Alexa Pilgrim ' 22(她/她/她)


Hi! I’m a senior Econ and History double major with specialty interests in microeconomics and behavioral economics. Outside of my majors I love taking Art History and English classes as well. I feel at home in the Economics department here at Whitman and would love to talk to anyone interested in the major!

最喜欢的课程或专业: 行为经济学

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 博物馆与展示政治


劳伦·门多萨笑着拿着一片西瓜劳伦门多萨' 22(她/她/她的)


I am from St. Paul, MN. 我喜欢徒步旅行,划独木舟,跑步,只是在户外. I also love spending time with my family, traveling, and tacos.

最喜欢的课程或专业: (ENVS)空间区域文献:西方与南方

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 灾害热带(HISP)


Keeli McKern ' 23(她/她的)


My name is Keeli! I am a junior at Whitman College, and have lived in Walla Walla my whole life. I love to draw and see what I can make using old scraps of cloth and clothes.

最喜欢的课程或专业: 《环境研究导论

专业之外最喜欢的课程: Queer Desires


弗雷泽·摩尔低头看着手里的一条蛇弗雷泽·摩尔' 23(他/他/他的)


我是一名来自南非的国际学生. I am a passionate hiker, backpacker, fisherman, and bird watcher. I currently know a lot of cool facts about insects as I did research over the summer of ‘21 with Professor Heidi Dobson, 校园蜜蜂专家. Hot take #1: don’t kill yellowjacket wasps as there are actually three species in Walla Walla, 其中两个是本地的,你分不清!

最喜欢的课程或专业: 生物112或环境研究导论

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 现代非洲历史


Jenner Smith詹纳·史密斯' 22(她/她)


I'm a senior at Whitman who hails from Lexington, Virginia in the Appalachian Mountains. 除了研究es -地质学, I am well seasoned in the dance and classical studies departments here at Whitman. I love doing anything outdoors, as well as dancing, arts and crafts, and cooking.

最喜欢的课程或专业: Geomorphology

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 《古代世界的女性与自然


肯德尔·格里芬肖像肯德尔格里芬' 22(她/她)


Hi! My name is Kendall and I am a current senior at Whitman College hailing from Sisters, Oregon. I am passionate about high desert ecology and exploring environmental topics through history. You can often find me in the Dance Studio taking classes for my dance minor. Some of my hobbies include painting, gardening, and collecting rocks.

最喜欢的课程或专业: 陆地环境史

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 美国本土文学


兰尼·艾奇逊站在麦田里兰尼·艾奇逊' 22(她/她/她的)


I'm an ES-Politics major originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm interested in environmental journalism, land conservation, and education. 在我的空闲时间,我喜欢阅读,徒步旅行,跳舞,骑自行车,和做饭.

最喜欢的课程或专业: 食物、文化和政治

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 应用伦理学案例研究


Daniel BloorDaniel Bloor ' 23(他/他)


I am an 环境研究-Sociology major with a possible minor history from Southern California. 我也是狗万官网游泳队的一员! I decided to be an ES-Soc major because of how much I enjoyed Principles of Sociology and Environmental Geology courses.

最喜欢的课程或专业: 环境分析方法

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 数字媒体概论


马修·科林·埃尔森的肖像马修Conlin-Elsen ’23 (he/him/his)


我现在是狗万官网的大三学生. I am also a tour guide as well as an Opening Week Leader for incoming first years. I love the history department here at Whitman and I also love going with my friends to the library to both study and have fun! If you have any questions or just want to chat about history, let me know!

最喜欢的课程或专业: 日本古代史

专业之外最喜欢的课程: Photography


Jasmine Razeghi的肖像Jasmine Razeghi '22 (s他/她/她的还是他们/他们的)


I chose to be a politics major because it allows me the knowledge and skills to be able to advocate for change. It has challenged me to look at issues through a plethora of perspectives and strengthen my research skills. It is important to question structures of power and to consider who is benefiting from them.

最喜欢的课程或专业: Art of Revolution

专业之外最喜欢的课程: Mahayana Buddhism


Chloe YoungChloe Young ’22 (she/her)


Hello! My name is Chloe, and I am a Politics and Chinese double major at Whitman College. Additionally, I am a member of the Whitman Women's Soccer team and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. In my free time, I enjoy reading and volunteering for local non-profits in Walla Walla. After Whitman, I plan to attend law school and pursue international business law.

最喜欢的课程或专业: 非殖民化进程

专业之外最喜欢的课程: Astronomy


张健林肖像Michael Chang ' 22 (he/him/his)


我是来自博伊西的心理学专业大四学生. I'm involved with the swim team on campus as well as the Pan Asian Club. My main events in swimming are the butterfly and individual medley events.

最喜欢的课程或专业: 团体间关系研讨会

专业之外最喜欢的课程: Bioethics


Shea Tsuha的肖像Shea Tsuha ’23 (she/her/hers)



最喜欢的课程或专业: 认知心理学,发展心理学

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 微观经济学原理


德文播放器的肖像德文球员' 23(她/她)


I am a third year Sociology major (probably Race and Ethnic studies minor) from Snoqualmie, Washington. I'm really interested in community-based applications of sociology as well as the field of criminology. Some things on campus that I am involved in are Women of Color Voices, 黑人学生会, and Z-Fit. I am also one of the co-leaders of the 职业和社区参与中心's new community engagement program centered around food insecurity in the Walla Walla Valley. For fun, I like to paint, knit, and double dutch (though I am not very good at any of these things).

最喜欢的课程或专业: 以社区为基础的社会学

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 特权问题


Kaia户外烧烤Kaia Roast ’22 (she/her)


My favorite thing is to be in the outdoors and around people I love. 在惠特曼,我加入了即兴表演团队, 终极飞盘队, 户外活动, 我最近刚尝试了沙滩排球. 我刚来惠特曼的时候以为我的专业是心理学, but my first sociology class on gender in society changed my mind.

最喜欢的课程或专业: Gender in Society

专业之外最喜欢的课程: 创造性的非小说类